BMW, Mini, BMW Museum, BMW Classic, BMW Bank

We realized a few very special projects, some of which also won awards, including the „BMW Museum grüsst München“ campaign and the "Freude hört nie auf" web series for BMW Classic with Mirjam Weichselbraun and Mathias Malmedie (agency:19:13).

"Def mini records", a fake record label with fake bands, funny fake music videos and fake documentaries was one of the first content productions, also won the adc award (agency:Interone, CD: Shin Oh, Marco Mehrwald).

With Jung von Matt ( CD: Sven Loskill, we realized the wind channel with on camera laser show.

"Vote for Tony" was a web series for Mini, shot in Las Vegas (agency:19:13). A screw shop owner bets with his grandson Tony that if he manages to get him 1 million clicks on his website, he gets a mini clubman for free. Tony is shooting a funny handmade campaign and that was his and our project.